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University Park Cambridge-- also known as University Park at MIT-- is a large and vibrant 27-acre residential area situated adjacent to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA.

It has over 670 modern units in its official area-- this doesn't include surrounding areas. It also includes a hotel, conference center, retail stores, and much more. This more includes 10 research and office buildings, parking structures which support up to 2,700 cars, and 1.3 million square feet of state-of-the-art research space, which is used to support some of the most eminent firms and institutions in science.

Living directly within the offerings by MIT is likely to be expensive; it is usually much cheaper to live in a surrounding area. One offering, for example, still in Cambridge, offers a number of amenities.

This location-- much like other living places-- also boasts a 5-5-5 plan of sorts. No, this isn't a pizza deal-- or anything directly related to food. Rather, it is a distance-related metric that shows the places less than five miles away, five blocks away, and five minutes away.

Places within five minutes include Central Square, Harvard Square, Union Square, Back Bay, Boston University, the Museum of Science, Putnam Square, Inman Square, Kendall Square, Fenway Park, and MIT itself.

Places within five blocks include Starbucks, Pacific Park, the Tavern and Wish, Whole Foods

Finally, places within five miles include the city's North and South Ends, the renowned Mass General Hospital, the Esplanade of the Charles River, the Emerald Necklace, the Freedom Trail, the Logan Airport, the Boston Commons, the Museum of Fine Art, and Mount Auburn Cemetery.

A big allure for many looking for the benefits of a proximal location, yet a less expensive, more historic option, is a Victorian house. The term Victorian home would apply to any abode built during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901.

Although the style of Victorian houses changed over the decades, most Victorian houses have a few common denominators: stone details, slate roofs, and modest decoration.

Victorian houses can be cheaper or more expensive than standard or luxury alternatives. Likewise, they can be bigger or smaller than said alternatives-- although it is more likely that they will be on the larger side. One should evaluate individual options, along with boarding considerations-- such as roommates-- while searching for any kind of residence in Cambridge.

A good way to experiment with a Victorian house without committing to one, is to stay at a Victorian-styled hotel. Cambridge-- and the general area of Boston-- offer quite a few of these. If you don't want to pay for a night or two, simply visit open houses or stay with a friend who may reside in a Victorian house. Never commit to something that you're not sure that you'll like. Fortunately, such a mistake can be easily avoided.

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